Friday, July 13, 2007

The Weirdness takes over..

Today is the first time in months, where I woke up and J was beside me. I woke up and got DW a drink and breakfast, and J is sitting watching (sleeping actually...) cartoons with DW.
It feels so weird to have him home and he'll only be back at work on Monday... WOW!! (all day Monday, but oh well...). Usually when he's home we are in a rush and have to get so much done before he goes back to work the next day, and right now I feel like I should be in a rush and I'm forgetting a million things.... I'm trying to hold back a damn panic attack!!

It's so sad when something that is suppose to be such a normal everyday thing, feels so out of the ordinary. I dream about the time that we will have a normal everyday life and not trying to get things done in a second and trying to squeeze stuff in so we have family time before he leaves again......

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