Friday, July 13, 2007

Eyes, Eyes, let me See

Today I'm finally going to get my eyes checked (let's hope they can fit me in)
I'm finally blind!!! My glasses prescription was changed about 3 yrs ago, because I just ended up wearing contacts so much, I just thought "why spend so much money on the glasses that I only wear briefly in the morning. So as you see my glasses are way out of date, and my contacts are not strong enough anymore.... *sigh*.... I'm just falling apart in my old age.

I'm really contemplating just getting lasik surgery, it's not too expensive here, and there's no more cutting of the cornea, but I always seem to find an excuse on my not to go.
How nice it would be to watch tv at night and fall asleep, not having to kick myself later for not removing my contacts once my eyes stick a little and the contacts feel dry... (my eyes just burn thinking about it)

Well, I guess I'll just have to get a new funky pair of glasses and a new prescrition for my contacts, and I'll be able to see it all again!!!

Whoo hoo

It's the little things in life that make you happy... and then realize you getting too old!!


Mrs said...

I am so blind, its not even cool anymore, at first I thought...I don't think I'll ever need glasses, then I got glasses, now Im kinda dependant on them, but sometimes it feels like they're not good enough. I don't like contacts...they freak me out!!
So go get some new shades man!!

LT said...


I can't live without my contacts!!!!!!!!!!!