Sunday, July 08, 2007

Accelerate your Life!!!

What a concept.

So many Men and women are drawn to this opportunity everyday, it's suppose to be talking about the education you can receive while serving in the Navy, but how great is it really??

Colleges offer distance learning degrees for those active duty personnel that want to get a degree, But when will you have time for that, when you have a wife and kid/s that you hardly see, and spending that little family time on anything else will not turn out well.

The Low down

.... When on Sea duty and on a ship with a low ranking CO and a command that can't organize and prioritize (which is a lot of the navy!!).............

You are never home... when you are, you are so tired you fall asleep during 5 min of TV watching.

You have a ship of about 350 personnel and in just one department you have approx. 5 divorces in a year, another department has 5 or more going for psychiatric evaluation (suicidal)

Every time the ship goes out things are breaking and falling apart, thus creating longer hours of work when you get back to port.

Now you ask...
Long hours..?? How long could that really be ??

.....well try 05:30 to about 21:00 or 22:00!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and don't forget... there's no such thing as overtime!!!

So why don't people really know the truth? Because, there are always two sides to a story, unfortunately the media in this country will only give you the wonderful, rosy, "great opportunity" side of this.

There are so many reality shows here..... recently "Army wives" started, I haven't watched it and really don't need to, I already know how it will play out... They will show you the great bond a lot of the families have, how the wives stick together and help each other through the sad times. So rosy and sweet, it always gets so much better in the end.......

What a CROCK!!!! (Don't get me wrong, we're not in the army side of the military, but the idea is all the same)

I wish they would actually have a reality shows showing something real. I understand that things need to be scripted here and there for the entertainment benefit, but I mean really!! How hard is it to put at least 85% truth into this reality business.

Everything is about the Army or the Marines... what about the Navy????

Show how the wives (sometimes husbands) are left alone to deal with the children, (and this is not even counting the deployment times when they are gone between 6 to 7 months!!)

How a lot of the wives do it all alone, because they just can't find decent friends in the area, even after being there for 2 - 3 years.

The should show how the "spousal" part of the Navy is just one big high school, which you either attend, (and need to deal with the cat fights, the gossip, the cheating, the lying, the constant bickering!!!) Or you keep to yourself and just deal with your life alone.

It's sad how most of the "enlisted" wives are between 17 and 23 with 2 plus kids. (No I'm not kidding!!!!)

The things that go on in a lot of these "families" are things you would expect in those stupid soap opera's.

What's even worse are those wives that talk about how being on a ship is great, how having the time apart (the 6 - 7 months I talked about before) is just the greatest thing for their marriage, how everything just seems fresh and new.

*blink* WHAT????

How can anyone go and commit to another human being for the rest of their lives and be happy to be away from them "so it'll be fresh and new" ???


The Navy talks about FAMILY VALUES in the open, and how they care about what happens and it's just the most important thing

What family values??

When the civilians aren't listening.... they will tell you... if it doesn't fit in your sea bag, you don't need it!!

There are so many problems in this way of life, and it really could be made so much better, but I can just say that once our stint in this hell is over, I am never looking back. We might have re-enlisted once, NEVER again.

With all the stress that goes on in the job and in the family, due to the job... I have no idea how anyone lives past 50 here.

What I hate even more, are those ignorant and uneducated people, that say "well you knew what you were getting into when you got married"


No one knows what they are getting into, I never saw small print that said... "you will be a single parent with a roommate that visits ever so often" !!

To those people I say.......


Mrs said...

Oh, My actual...yes LT, nobody ever talks about it, because it's the not so nice part of being in it. Of course, they wouldn't parade the cold hard facts just hits you when you least expect it! Ah..all the best for you my friend...I am definitely going to come and see you once I actually can!!

LT said...

Yeah, I just think if people's eyes where opened to these facts, then more can be done to overcome a lot of the problems.

It would be wonderful to see you!!