Friday, September 24, 2010

Castle - Season 3 : Ep. 1

Ooooh I excited am I??? I could just burst, Season 3 of Castle has started and I forgot how fantastic it is!!

They lead you up with a scene where Beckett and Castle are running through a warehouse, they then face each other and Beckett tells Castle to drop the gun.. they keep pointing the guns at each other and then there is a SHOT!!!!!!!!!


So is Castle returning to team up with Beckett... are they going to go in a different direction???...


He gets arrested for murder in the first 3 minutes?? WTF!!!!!! They are going ALL IN on this one.

Love how they intertwined the characters in this episode, plus the moral of the story is WOMEN STOP WAITING FOR THE CALL AND MAKE IT YOURSELF!!!!

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