Sunday, February 08, 2009

College for me!!!

So I have decided to change colleges, I am finally getting my degree in Anthropology, I am so happy, and the College I transferred to is great.

I am wishing all my credits would have transferred over, but maybe my portfolios will allow me to get those credits.

*fingers Crossed*

I am in my first semester with this new College, and although it is once again online, it gives me a chance to do much more work, which is fulfilling, J is also at the same College, so we are taking some of the same classes, it doesn't make it any easier though, but it does help the other understand the amount of work to be done, so the stress level isn't as high.

We'll see how this and next semester goes, let's hope I can dig in and get that, my portfolios and everything else done soon.

I do wish I had known about this college before, would've made life a lot easier, oh well!!!

This does mean more student debt, but hey, can't make a buck without spending a buck right??

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