Friday, August 01, 2008

Paying off your Credit Cards too much?

I could not believe my conversation with my credit card company this morning, the money I paid in to the credit card won't be available to me until August 10th, because I made too many payments into the card that one month.

How CRAZY does that sound?

When I originally called, the first person I spoke to at the company, I couldn't understand half of what he was saying, he just kept saying, sorry there's nothing I can do for you...
That just makes my blood boil, I hate it when they repeat that, so as to just get you off the line.

After I asked the individual to put his manager on the line, at least a couple of times, I finally talked to the manager and got the straight story.

If you make too many payments within a month they will hold the payment, or if you make too big of a payment, it will get held, they want to see a regular trend otherwise they get worried and put it on hold.

It is definitely the dumbest thing I've heard, especially when you have been with the company a couple of years and have excellent standing.. but oh well.

He made it work for me, but at least now I know, I will only be making two payments a month and that's that..


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