Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The WOW Factor

So I can say that by the end of March I will officially be a U.S. Citizen, how crazy is that.

I can't wait till this whole ordeal comes to an end!!

There are so many emotions just going through me right now, I don't know if I should jump up and down, cry, laugh or just scream....

Just looking back on the four and a half year hassle we have had to go through, the money we have had to spend, it's just insane to think I have everything in order at last.

Now it's just getting all the little civics tid bits to stick in my head, would be just embarrassing if after all this I fail the test!!

Well I better get my nose in the book, and get memorizing!

It's funny to think J left a foreign wife and is coming back to an American Citizen haha, no more foreign jokes!!


1 comment:

Little Miss Muffet said...

America does not yet know what a fantastic person is joining them!!!!
J will be very proud of his real African American wife!!!!