Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Black Friday for those who don't know is a CRAZY day in America, it's the day after Thanksgiving and they have these crazy sales.
Some places open at 05:00, some at 06:00 and the sales go on till noon.
A lot of things are between 40% - 80% off just for this one day, between these times.

I woke up this morning at 03:00 and got myself ready and at 03:40 I went and woke up DW, so I could get him ready to go. We were out of here before 04:00 and got to Toys R Us at 04:15. I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a line right around the building!!!
People had been lining up for a while, they had lounge chairs and sleeping bags???
I got in line with DW, and it was so windy, but luckily they decided to open at 04:30 instead of 05:00, so once we got in I grabbed the little things I wanted and went straight to the register. There were so many people it was about to get claustrophobic and I could feel it.
There were police cars everywhere, pulling people over for driving crazy. I just can't believe the craziness, I'm just glad we have a small family to buy for, so it wasn't like I had to rush around like a crazy person (like everyone else out this morning)

I want to head out, to have DW go play at the mall, but I am dreading all the people, I just hate a bunch of people pushing past you and all around you!!
No way!!

Thank you INTERNET!!!


Gnome said...

I'm so glad you back LT. I missed your posts! I find this really interesting - Black Friday. Nice to hear about traditions in other countries. And with 80% off I guess it's worth to get up at 3 :)

LT said...

Thanks gnome :)

I really should get back into it!!

Black Friday is insane, I'm just glad I didn't go to Best Buy (electronic store) or Walmart (it's like a HUGE Pick n Pay), people will even pitch tents there and will wait outside from that Thursday (early evening!!)

It's just crazy.