Friday, October 05, 2007

The Time Rolls On...

So we getting into almost a week of this horrid 7 month deployment, the more I think about it the more upset I actually become.

I really can't believe how many times we have been given the short straw in our 4 years of marriage and the navy. All this being apart is not exactly what we had signed up for.

Everything just seems to be foreshadowing a horrible next 7 months, from Taylor getting sick and costing a fortune to fix, but now is still showing signs of being sick. We are completely tapped out, so if anything else come sup with him, then it'll be terrible, because we have no more money for this.....

Then with this semester drawing to a close, I wonder how I will do next semester (all the grades aren't in yet for this one, and I'm about panic attack mode that my grade might drop for some stupid reason),because J being gone hasn't completely hit me yet... don't get me wrong, I do get hit with a wave of the reality of it all every now and then, but it hasn't fully sunk in.

I spend most of my day doing my school work, recording all his tv shows on to DVD, looking after the pets and doing stuff with DW. I'm completely warn out by the evening, but I can't seem to get to sleep, no matter what though I wake up at 01:30 every morning and then I try to go back to sleep, because by 06:00 DW is up and awake... so mornings are so bad in this house!!!

I am starting to just get to the point where I am just over it all!!!

I hate this state, I hate the weather, I hate the Navy and I hate being a "single parent"


Well besides that, today I bought more training pants (potty) for DW, I hope they come early, he's getting to the point where he will go take off his pants and go sit on the toilet, even thought this is usually after he peed in his pants, but it's something though right?? I just hope I can get him potty trained by the end of the year, it would be so great, and such a money saver!!

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Mrs said...

Hang in there, mate! I am almost there...if only the Oompa Loompas would tell me when! I'm thinking of you, and I know you're going to be just fine!!

Big Hug!!