Monday, October 15, 2007

Overwhelming Strangeness

I'm feeling weird today, I can't seem to get into a decent conversation with anyone today, it's just short spurts of nothingness.

I guess my heart just isn't into conversing today, or any kind of contact with the outside world really.

I feel a little lost, I feel the need for contact, but once I get it I'm immediately turned off and I want to retreat back into my own little space, far away from discussions, ideas and daily trials and tribulations.

I'm not even sure if this post will make sense to anyone else but me, I know it seems a little short and "one line'erd" but it's exactly what it's like in my head right now...


1 comment:

Mrs said...

Even though it's what you're going through I can completely relate. Not to worry, LT you won't always feel this way! I promise.