Friday, August 24, 2007

All You Can Do Is Shake Your Head

You now how you wake up in the morning and you just feel that today will be an interesting day?? Not bad, not good, just something is going to make you remember this day.

Well yesterday was that day for me, Wednesday J actually cashed in his 48hr leave chit ( now this took a lot of complaining on his part, and Kudos for his Chief for making it happen!!), anyway, so yesterday should've been a relaxing day and enjoy all the day has to offer right???
Yeah right!

We wake up early and I clean up all the kids toys (now remember this includes J's mess), and everything else I seem to step on and have to climb over in the morning (men seems to do this without even a second thought, it's like an ingrained thing with them), so here is me, making coffee, picking up Spongebob Squarepants krabby patty supplies and fake fries, shoes in the middle of nowhere and of course those illusive socks that get tucked under something so it's only visible to me (mmmm), get DW his drink and start his breakfast..... Oh wait now I have forgotten to unload and load the dishwasher again, tripping over the diaper boxes hat were suppose to be thrown out the day before.....

Ok so I finally have my coffee and DW has his breakfast and drink, so time to check my email while I sip on my sweet sweet nectar of love (yes I'm an addict!). Nothing in the mail, so I check my classes and I remember I still need to do a quiz, a teamwork paper and both homework assignments (I have two classes so it's not too bad), but alas this too shall wait till I have enough time.

Once the breakfast has been eaten and my coffee is cold.... (yip found something else that needed doing and forgot the coffee... *sigh*), now I have to get DW dressed and get myself respectable. because on J's off day, we now have to go to the PSD office to get our ID cards redone (been a long time coming, since he has been a different rank for over 7 months!!).

Before leaving I make sure we have all the paperwork to get the cards and DW has his backpack (we got him a backpack to carry all his stuff in, like diapers, his drink etc... why should Mommy or Daddy do it right??)

So off we go to base and we get there has the NEX opens, so now we can walk through the NEX to go to PSD instead of going through the back entrance, which in itself is rather stupid, because now you're going to want to buy something!

We get into PSD and grab our number... 06.. so we figure ok that's not too bad right? the number on the board is 98... mmm ok?... So it's counted down and seems to go pretty fast (oh and after 99 there was a 00...??? I thought that was weird), but of course once it gets to number 05, now all the appointment people have come in and are getting called (did I mention he asked the ship where to get an appointment and he got a shrug... wow so informative right!!), so finally we get called and we give the paperwork... BAM...first question...
Do you have your no shave chit??
So J looks at her and says, not on me, I'm on leave... so now we are getting refused, because he has a 5 o' clock shadow!! (now for those who know J he has a 5 o' clock shadow at 11 AM, having shaved at 6AM) So we go talk to the supervisor and he bluntly refuses the card unless he shaves... I ask if I can at least get mine done and J can go buy a razor and come back, she said it wasn't a problem... now J is getting annoyed, because we are both thinking, now he has to go buy a razor, dry shave and come back, get a number, and wait again... on his off day he's been fighting for for about 6 months!!! He's getting really annoyed and asks to leave right then, but what am I suppose to do with DW while I get my picture taken for the card?? J now on the brink of a war path grabs up DW and storms out...

I just wanted to laugh, I couldn't believe it, I am usually the one with the short fuse and he's all calm and takes things in stride, so I'm their apologizing to the girl, saying... Oh, he's never like that it's usually me in a mood... She is just annoyed, because all she wanted him to do was wait a second for the card to print and they were going to put his paperwork aside till he comes back to get it done.. so no getting another number and waiting in line..

So ID in hand I'm off to find J and tell him what happened, he's still annoyed at the stupidity at him having to shave (and I agree), so as we are paying for a razor that he is now going to go use in the mens room, DW spots someone leaving their McDonald's lunch on the counter... so now it's just

So I rush off before he grabs the woman's McDonald's.

Finally with that done we head out and go look at routers, because the one we bought the day before doesn't have the range..... We still have to go get the TV for J's buddy (he gave us money to go buy it!!) and DW's naptime is approaching fast, so we such out of there (after we go and get DW some new PJ's of course, poor kids PJ's are so small the look like Capri's)

Finally we are home and DW has gone down for his nap, I'm so tired and just want a nap (thanks to the continuous snoring of J). J decides to head out and go get his buddy's TV for him, while I make sure DW is down for a nap and take one myself....

Once J leaves I realize I still have assignments to do and the quiz, which is way easier to do if DW is taking his nap... So there I am giving up my nap and focus in on my work.. I get the quiz done, I get the teamwork paper done and by that time J has gotten home and moved the TV into our living room... needless to say DW wakes up 10 min later ...
There goes my nap

J starts trying to get the router to work, but has endless problems, and I convince him to call tech support (Now that was a hassle in itself), end result was a faulty router and we need to return it, so back we go to return the router, we swap it out and now J informs me we need to get a wall mount for the TV he just bought for his buddy...

So we go wall mount browsing.... I am so tired now and have a huge headache... this is driving me nuts, so I rush him out of there and we go home....

So all I wanted then was just to eat and watch a movie, so we call by DR L and ask him if he's up for some grilled cheese (E has a function to go to so it'll just be the 3 of us). That was the best grilled cheese.. I was so hungry... E was there for about 30 min, before leaving for her function, so I got absorbed into "Memoirs of a geisha", it was about 40 min into the movie, but hey I watched and ate... She left and we started trying to put DW to bed, now this took me, J and DR L and after about 30 min of use walking from their apartment to our apartment (it's 2 doors down), we finally got him down. (thank goodness for baby monitors, gives parents a little sense of freedom HAHA)

During the DW ordeal we had started up "Disturbia" and it was actually pretty good.
At midnight, we finally depart (now this was not suppose to be such a long night), luckily this time I get J to get Dr L and E's carpet cleaner, which I have been trying to borrow for about a month... and off to bed we go..

What a day, now my head hurts just thinking about it, I just hope to get that carpet cleaner up and at it later today!!


Gnome said...

Gee whizz. WHAT A DAY indeed LT. Sounds like you need a freakin' long holiday to recover from that "interesting" day :-)

LT said...


And now DW is taking a nap and I'm hoping to take a nap to recover from yesterday :-p