Friday, July 20, 2007

Potter Mania

Ok so I'm anxiously awaiting my the new Harry Potter book, I checked online and delivery should be tomorrow, but I never believe it, so I called the toll free number to check on my order... Sure enough, it'll be delivered tomorrow!!!!

UPS should be knocking on my door tomorrow morning, with a crisp newly printed book!!!

Oh what will befall poor Dumbledore's Army?


I can't wait... I do now it's going to be a big fight in my house, J and I already decided he only reads the book at work, and he brings it home everyday, then I read it when we are home... *sigh* I can see it biting us in the ASS!


Gnome said...

And... What do you think of the book????

LT said...

On chapter 13.... very good so far!!!!!!

LT said...

oh did I mention I'm using the audio book, because I can't leave DW unattended, and have a lot of work to do!! So if I was reading it I would've been done already :(

yh said...

Did you enjoy the book? I certainly did! :)

LT said...


not done yet :-) Almost there though, I still have to stick with the audio book so I can get my housework done oh, and deal with DW so he doesn't get into too much trouble lol