Friday, July 20, 2007

10 Worst Moments

Ok So I was tagged by Mrs M a while back to list my 10 worst and I'm a little late... but here goes :

  1. Shattering my elbow during gymnastics, and had it broken for 3 days before I went to a DR.
  2. Hearing we were leaving Namibia and I couldn't go to DSW ( Deutsche Schule Windhoek)
  3. Having my wetsuit and clothes stolen out of a car. (it had been a really expensive present from my youngest brother)
  4. Realizing my ex was cheating on me and he couldn't care less.
  5. My first deployment, within the first year of my marriage, and here I am in a state, I know no one and no husband.
  6. Realizing my youngest brother's wife (now Ex thank goodness), was the cause of all our arguments, and not because he didn't like me... and I had, had horrible thoughts and anger towards him during that time.
  7. My second deployment, after I found out I was pregnant the second time. (I kept saying, it's ok this will be the last deployment.)
  8. Loosing the baby 2 weeks after J left on deployment and I couldn't get hold of him, and had to get other people to find him while he was in port.
  9. Finding out that the second deployment wasn't the last one (this during the second deployment...) and the next one will be 7 months instead of 6 months and he won't even have been home a year before they leave.
  10. J's car not starting after deployment and had t spend money to get the battery changed, which didn't work, then had to fix "connections" (which was a fortune), then not passing state inspection because of the breaks, so that had to be fixed (another fortune)... MONEY PIT!!!!


Gnome said...

Gee LT. I didn't know you had lost a baby. That's really traumatic. Especially with your husband not being there. *Gnome is really concerned now* You've really had some rough times...

Mrs said... win

LT said...

sweet!! I didn't know it was a contest!!

Yeah I was about 3 or so months along, but seriously it was better he wasn't here, I think I would've "lost it" more if he was here, I mean someone had to look after DW right?

I fixed the post some, didn't realize only 9 came up... now it's back to 10...