Thursday, September 09, 2010

Psych - Season 5: Ep. 8

BOOOOOOOOOOOO Still with the new Lil Gus and Lil Shawn BOOOOOOOOOOO and again messing with the theme song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every time Shawn's iPhone rings I jump for my iPhone to switch off my alarm!!!

Ok annoyed with Shawn, can't stand a 'guy-liner' guy upstaging Shawn.. Is he serious, can see the wrath of Shawn coming on!!!

Nothing is more than Declan's wink!! #UGH Women falling for that should be taken out back and shot!

Side note ~~ I wonder if they have a Psych iPad cover?????

I officially despise this Declan character!

"Declan can't touch my game.. it's on FIRE!!!"

No Matter how loudly I scream who the killer is, they are not listening to me!!!

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