Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Good Guys - Season 1 : Ep. 10

"The only sense I need, my cop sense" - Dan

The episode starts with a suspension!! Dan, Dan, Dan..... really???

How great is a cop when he steals money from the police department and writes an IOU on a napkin. He has a shrine in his him to himself!! FANTASTIC!!!

"The money is gone, I'm a loan shark, I loaned it... Shark style!!"

The best part about this show are the lines it it, I can qoute them for days!

  1. If stolen money is stolen back... is that really stealing????

  1. Why do the bad guys have a whole lot of peaches in a plastic bowl???

Cop chases, prison breakout.....Can see this episode is going to be just like the others.. Hilariously funny!!!!

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