Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bones - Season 6 : Ep. 1

The time has finally arrived, we are graced with Bones once again. I hope this will be a start of a Season full of amazing forensic 'mysteries' and will this be the Season where Bones and Booth finally wake up and realize they are meant to be, or are they going to fill the season with stories making us realize they are only meant to be friends....

The replay of last season's finale was rather emotional.. forgot the whole scene.

Cam is in trouble so all are called back to help assist her in an identification of small remains. Getting the team back obviously means everyone is dropping what they are doing, all over the world, but will they stay? Will everyone help Cam and then decide to not go back to their old/new lives??

The Mastodon is definitely taking over the room!!!

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