Friday, September 17, 2010

Alan Davies' Teenage Revolution

For those who have not seen Alan Davies' Teenage Revolution it is absolutely brilliant. Alan takes you through his life in suburban Essex.

The first episode highlights his 'poshness' and suburban lifestyle, we hear of his 'boyish' naughtiness, and about his stint at shoplifting, his 'audacity' in shaking a fellow footballers hand, a black boy, racial exclusion, skin heads, being a band groupie... All honesty in these tales, yet with a sense of humour.

The second episode is him taking revolution by the horns and leaving his 'poshness,' the public school was no more, he decided to do his A levels at the local further education school... now here the good bit starts.

Stand-ins/Sit-ins.. protesting, more Thatcher, CND, squatting, Lesbians, gay rights and even Sir Ian Murray McKellen. It is filled with Alan's 'had to join and do something' groups.

The manner in which Alan goes about telling of his journey through the 80's is humorous, sad and stirs up those moments many want to forget. It's an absolute masterpiece and I would implore all to watch. If you have missed the last two episodes, they are up on Channel 4, the 4OD section, for you to catch up.

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