Monday, August 25, 2008

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, now WAIT!!!!

The weekend was very uneventful and rather disappointing.
We got ready to take pictures and experience our first tropical storm, so on Friday night we waited and nothing happened, so we got ready for it to come on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, we wait and wait... nothing, nothing that afternoon, nothing that evening... So we get ready for it on Sunday....

We wake up on Sunday and you can see that it hd been raining, because the boardwalks where wet... that was it!! seems like the Tropical Storm completely past us by.. oh well....

This morning I get up and it seems we had a power outage sometime?? I message J and ask if it was bad driving into base, because he has to drive through the panhandle and over the bridge to get into Pensacola, sometimes that can be rather annoying, but it seems it went fine, he had said it was bad driving in, but it had cleared up.

As I look outside it still looks damo and wet, there's a mist over ONO Island and it doesn't seem to be clearing up anytime soon.... I guess this is the remnants of the storm?

So now I sit here, another unit has started and I know I need to get on it and do as much as I possibly can, the time to leave for Spain is getting closer and closer and I will only have one week to finish my last unit. I don't really foresee this as a problem, but September everyone is coming to visit, so I want to have time to spend with everyone, not just running around trying to finish up work at the last minute.

I'll get to it today, I think I'm going to go have to break open my red bull box and get one out.


cube said...

I'm happy TS Fay passed us by. Good riddance to all of those storms/hurricanes.

Little Miss Muffet said...

Glad to hear Fay passed you by but sad that I'm not one of those visiting in Sept. Not to worry next year I'm there!!