Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No Mess, No Fuss

Now I'm no Martha Stewart, (and I hope I never become one), but I do have my trusty little tools, that I can't believe I ever lived without. Especial with my mishap this morning.

So I have the hairball stain on my carpet and I pull out my trusty Spot Bot and put it over the stain, turn it on and wah la 3 min later CLEAN. How great is that!!

Now with having cats, you get hair everywhere right??... well now I don't even sweat it... out comes my trusty Vacuum and boy does this suck up everything!!! I don't know how I survived with my old crappy one.. it's definitely worth the money.

Now with the kitty litter... mmm that's another story, I found this great product Cat Genie, and never again do I do anything.. clean a litter box?? WHAHAHA what a joke. This is so great for the lazy person. The only thing is of course that kitties like to dig too much and thus I have the little pellets all over my carpet, now ... is this a hassle??? nope... out comes my handy dandy swiffer, it looks like a cheap 'ol "not-going-to-work-that-great-product"
This thing is great...

I like things that are quick and easy to use... Lazy people these are your products!!!!!!!


Mrs said...

seriously Mrs M cannot WAIT to try all these trust cleanie genie products!

LT said...

I'm telling you they are great!!!!!

just wish I had a maid in a box too hehe

yh said...

Oh, is that catgenie the one that washes the litter/sand stuff, and flushes the poop away? How's that going for you?

I guess it wouldn't turn on while the kitty's in the litter box, right? That would be a mishap, all right. Whoops... *flush* *Meowrrr!!!!* :)

LT said...

Yes yh,

it is... it has a timer so that it goes off exactly that time everyday, but it does have a sensor so that it'll stop if the Cat is in there just before the cycle :)