Monday, July 30, 2007


I'm actually impressed with myself today, I've written two teamwork papers today and should have the third already, just waiting on confirmation that I'm allowed to actually use it again. (I think I did too much previously, so I actually did a paper covering two sections instead of doing one section) and the fourth one I have all the research and should have it done today *fingers crossed*

All that is left is two personnel homework essays and two quizzes, add the normal discussions and arguments (LOL) I'll be finished with my second session that only started today!!!

I love being so far ahead in my work!!



Mrs said...

I wish I had the stamina to do that~!

LT said...

It definitely is a drag, but once I start and keep at it, it's pretty easy and fast actually.

My problem is that I know that I am very fast in actually compiling my papers, so I put it off...

Sometimes it almost bites me in the ass, but I've luckily been able to avoid it disrupting everything.

The key is to put everything down in word and then sorting it out later.

It makes you feel productive and it actually works out great in the end, because you have more time to scrutinize.