Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo Update


So I've really been getting into taking pictures lately, just pictures of anything and everything.

I want to make collections like : "at the bus stop" piece, or "license plates" You know, just something that's abundant and easy to capture, I really think once I have a whole collection, it'll be rather interesting just to see who uses the bus stop and what kind of weird license plates I see.

License plates are particularly fun for me; here everyone gets personalized plates, because it is so cheap, I remember when I still lived in SA you would hear about the plates, but would never see it anywhere.

I just feel like I need a hobby along with my daily life.

J was saying a lot of people drive around and take random pictures of things, so I figure it won't be too hard to start off with right? I just want to have a little more substance to my "random" pictures, hence doing the collections of something.

So that's just a thought, maybe I'll post some pictures once I feel I'm getting somewhere.

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