Friday, June 29, 2007

Life throws you a turd!

So upon reading Mrs M's blog, it got me thinking.
You sometimes wonder how much you can take before it's enough? Now don't get me wrong, 'enough' not meaning when to give up, just change your tactic??? I don't even know what I mean anymore *haha*
It's just so hard to deal with being in a place where you don't have many friends, and a child to take care of.

J is always gone, be it a day here, 3 days there, then a week, soon it'll be 7 months. It's just plain ridiculous. Anytime we have together always seems a rush, by the time he gets home it's a rush
a rush to get dinner ready,
rush to eat it,
bath DW,
get DW to bed,
......then as we sit down to watch a little tv; just to do something together, you suddenly hear *ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz*
AAArrrggghhhh. It drives me insane. I just wish for the time that we'll be able to do something for 5 min without 'someone' falling asleep.

I hate the fact we are in this situation, I hate the fact we re-enlisted, I hate the fact we are in this stupid section of the country. I hate the weather, there's nothing to do here, but go to the movies (can't because of DW), the beach , that has no waves but lots of people walking around with surfboards??????, (J hates the beach) and restaurants (there goes the budget!!)

I just wish I had the friends, like I use to have, where we would hang out all the time, just talk about nonsense, and whom J and I both like!

I'm just hoping some divine intervention will stop this deployment coming up, last deployment I barely scraped through, it just seems everytime we psych ourselves up for "ok this is the last time" we get hit with a TURD

I'm so sick of doing everything alone.


Mrs said...

Wow LT, those are really intense...but there'll be an upside to all of this...for both of us...there just has to be.
Thinking of yoU!!

LT said...

As Tevye would say:

From your lips...
to god's ears